Spintronics with a Weyl point in superconducting nanostructures

Y. Chen and Y. V. Nazarov
Phys. Rev. B 103, 165424 – Published 26 April 2021

Link to arxiv.org

ABSTRACT: We investigate transport in a superconducting nanostructure housing a Weyl point in the spectrum of Andreev bound states. A minimum magnet state is realized in the vicinity of the point. One or more normal-metal leads are tunnel-coupled to the nanostructure. We have shown that this minimum magnetic setup is suitable for realization of all common goals of spintronics: detection of a magnetic state, conversion of electric currents into spin currents, potentially reaching the absolute limit of one spin per charge transferred, and detection of spin accumulation in the leads. The peculiarity and possible advantage of the setup is the ability to switch between magnetic and nonmagnetic states by tiny changes of the control parameters: superconducting phase differences. We employ this property to demonstrate the feasibility of less common spintronic effects: spin on demand and alternative spin current.

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