Former group members:

Viktoriia Kornich

Post-Doc till November 2020
presently post-doc at University of Würzburg

Janis Erdmanis

Ph.D. student
Ph.D. defence 8 December 2021

Yuguang Chen

Ph.D. student
Ph.D. defence 20 May 2021
presently Quantitative Risk Analyst, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Hristo Barakov

Ph.D. student
Ph.D. defence 23 May 2022

Evgeny Repin

Ph.D. student
Ph.D. defence 6 April 2021

Vincent Michal

Post-doc till July 2019
Presently Quantum Physicist, Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble, CEA

Victor Boogers

Master student
Master defence 26-02-2020

Mark Vaandrager

Bachelor student
Bachelor defence 31-7-2019

Xiaoli Huang

Ph.D. student
no defence because of health problems
Árpád László Lukács Post-doc till March 2019
presently post-doc at Durham University
Albert Franquet Gonzalez Ph.D student
Ph.D. defence 17-12-2018